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A story of survival and exploration...
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Science, learning
& homeschooling

‘This is not a science book, it is a children’s adventure book which has science in it.’ 

– Daniel Phelps

Find out here about the children’s science, learning and homeschooling opportunities within Xientifica SOS…

‘Learning through Xientifica SOS’ (excerpt from Xientifica SOS)
‘Eyes open!’ (excerpt from Xientifica SOS)

Listen to some short extracts from Xientifica SOS illustrating the power of narrative to provide context for learning:

‘The A-Team’ (excerpt from Xientifica SOS)
‘Storm Approaching’ (excerpt from Xientifica SOS)

 ‘Children learn best whenever they are interested in something and enjoying themselves. That is what Xientifica SOS aims to do – to create such a learning environment.’

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‘Shooting stars and zipping rocks’ (excerpt from Xientifica SOS)
‘What a star!’ (excerpt from Xientifica SOS)

“Perfect ‘Lockdown Literacy’ for children”

‘First and foremost an adventure story, Xientifica SOS has over 50 scientific concepts, ideas and facts, woven through it. From friction, mass and acceleration, waves, gravity and forces, to the speed of light and sound, meteors and solar eclipses – and much more!

“Great tool for     #homeschooling”

“Fantastic launchpad for conversations about science”

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‘Perfect alternative to school!’

Xientifica SOS inspires children (and adults) both young and old, to look at the world with fresh eyes and curious minds. Riddled with riddles, poetry and colourful illustrations.

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‘Children might not get excited about science facts in a science text book, however, they really do love fascinating and amazing science facts about the world around them.’

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