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A story of survival and exploration...
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Reviews & Endorsements

…for the unique and highly rated children’s adventure book Xientifica SOS!

Read reviews and endorsements for the children’s adventure book Xientifica SOS…

“Engaging children’s imagination and curiosity while learning is a true gift. Daniel’s writing and educational knowledge weaves these elements perfectly” 

– Host, Education on Fire Podcast & Vice Chair of National Association for Primary Education 

“I LOVED Xientifica SOS! You really nailed the energy, curiosity and language of that age. The humour is also great and I found myself wanting to read on and on.” 

– Director, Winchester Writers’ Festival 

‘A unique adventure’

‘‘What a fabulous book for children (and many adults)! – Science, creativity, inspiration and poetry!” 

– Michelle 

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“First read the ebook myself, then purchased a paper copy for my grandson. Excellent story, very realistic for the age group to which was aimed but I also found it quite an interesting book both as an “in” to relatively simple silence and very much into the science and engineering mind set, that methodical, trial and improve method of working out problems which so eludes so called social scientists in most disciplines, and just as a good yarn, as old boys like me used to say. ” 


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“I found it to be a very interesting book. I enjoyed the storyline immensely. ” 

– Craig

‘An exciting, modern-day adventure story and a captivating stew of science, psychology, poetry and allegory!’ 

– Julie

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