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A story of survival and exploration...
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‘Not just an adventure, but a journey of survival and exploration that opens up the beauty and wonder of nature, science and the universe.’ 

‘Xientifica SOS is unique!’

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'Remember the Famous Five, The Secret Seven, and the Coral Island before that? Xientifica SOS is tomorrow's 'warm memory' for today's children.'

Five pupils, from Firtrees Primary School, each with different gifts, are thrust into an adventure of a lifetime which will test their minds, bodies, courage and teamwork. Do they have what it takes to survive?

For 8-12 years (up to adults)

‘I LOVED Xientifica SOS!
You really nailed the energy, curiosity and language of that age. The humour is also great and I found myself wanting to read on and on.’
Director, Winchester Writers Festival

Perfect alternative to school!

Xientifica SOS inspires children (and adults) both young and old, to look at the world with fresh eyes and curious minds. Riddled with riddles, poetry and with fresh, colourful illustrations.

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First and foremost an adventure story, Xientifica SOS has over 50 scientific concepts, ideas and facts, woven through it. From friction, mass and acceleration, waves, gravity and forces, to the speed of light and sound, meteors and solar eclipses – and much more!

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